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Check, Clean and Dry

Check, Clean and Dry is based around trying to stop the spread of freshwater pests such as Lagarosiphon, Egeria, Didymo and Hornwort between waterways. These weeds not only destroy aquatic life but can also make the water unsuitable for swimming, fishing or boating. This may have a negative impact on how and where you and the members of your club can use freshwater lakes, rivers and streams.

These three easy steps of checking for all obvious materials from items that have been in contact with waterways, cleaning all equipment with a detergent solution and drying all items that have undergone the above procedure, will make a significant difference to stopping the spread of these unwanted and potentially harmful aquatic pests.

The more people who are aware of the need to check, clean and dry between waterways the higher the possibility of these pests being controlled and hopefully, one day, eliminated.

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